Monday, November 14, 2005


Ok, so when Christmas comes around, I am totally Jolly old St. Nick.

I even dressed up like Santa for Halloween once, but SERIOUSLY FOLKS.

We were out yesterday looking for some Thanksgiving decorations, maybe something nice to bring my mom for dinner that night.

We went to Meijer's looking for something, and they had over five aisles of Christmas decorations, BUT NOT ONE THANKSGIVING DECORATION!!!

This is totally disrespectful to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Have we all forgotten about how centuries ago our forefathers were befriended by the native Americans who helped teach them how to survive in this new and strange land?

What about being "thankful" for the things we have?

As if Christmas wasn't already overfilled with massive decorations and extensive parties, we have to extend it all the way to Halloween and skip Thanksgiving altogether???

I am totally a scrooge from 11/1 to the day after Thanksgiving every year.


(Or the tofurkey for the veggies)

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