Tuesday, September 2, 2014

And here we go again

Usually we don't fire the Respect The Turkey machine until at least a few weeks into September, but it looks like some stores are already firing up their merchandising machines to fight for our dollars.

wcjl WCJL in Savannah, GA has a report of a bunch of stores with their gear already out:
Christmas in September? Some stores already selling holiday decorations

As a reminder, here at RTT we're not against Christmas.
Not at all!
We just feel like businesses are disrespecting other holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, who are almost being wiped off the calendar.

The stores don't put the Christmas things out because they love the Christmas holiday and spreading joy.
They put them out because they are begging and pushing for people to spend more and more money.

People keep pushing the numbers about how much money Americans spend on Christmas shopping.

But really, if you start shopping months and months earlier isn't it just... shopping?

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