Friday, October 3, 2014

The Buzz: Leave Thanksgiving alone

Maureen Wallenfang wrote up a great article with results from a survey her readers responding to a poll she started about people shopping on Thanksgiving.

Her question was:
"What do you think about stores being open all day on Thanksgiving?

Are you in the camp that enjoys the longer opportunity to shop and take advantage of deals and doorbusters? Or will you forgo the lure of big savings to preserve the holiday and take a stand for retail employees who will lose the holiday altogether?"
(from: - The Buzz: Leave Thanksgiving alone)

Over 400 readers responded, and all but a few were against stores being open on Thanksgiving.

Readers had comments such as:
"If people can't get enough shopping done in 12 hours a day, seven days a week, outside of those holidays, there's something wrong with them."

"Asking employees to work crazy hours when they traditionally have been sleeping, enjoying the company of family, attending religious services, etc. is something that makes me avoid some local businesses,"

"What's the point of giving thanks for everything, if all we're after is more stuff?"
(from: - The Buzz: Leave Thanksgiving alone)

More people out there shouting the message clearly to stores, Respect The Turkey!

You can follow Maureen Wallenfang on Twitter at: @wallenfang and as always we're at @respectturkey

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